My Baby Boy Is Turning FOUR

Left Side - J at one week old. Right Side - taken a few weeks ago.

Left Side – J at one week old. Right Side – taken a few weeks ago.

He still looks the same when he sleeps. I love that.

Although it’s so difficult for me to look at him now and see the once tiny baby I held in my arms. I look at him now and see him exactly as he is – my wild, rambunctious, loud, happy, outgoing, smiley, kind, wonderful, super smart little boy.

Looking back through his newborn pictures tonight, I realized that it’s so hard for me to see him as the baby he once was because he has grown so much. However, I CAN see little glimpses of the child he is today in even his newborn pictures.

His grumpy face now is the same as the confused/frustrated expression he had as an infant. His eyes still crinkle and shine the same way when he smiles now. The calm expression on his face when he’s sleeping is exactly what it was as a newborn. The excitement he would exhibit over learning something new as a baby is still there today, although it has matured in some ways.

When we are holding our babies, we look for indicators of the type of person they will grow up to be. How do they react to new people? What do they do when they are tired? What’s the best way to comfort them when they are sad? What makes them laugh and smile? What holds their interest? Are they generally happy or do little things seem to upset them?

Then they become toddlers and life gets a little more hectic. They are trying to figure out the world. They want to test everything and see where the boundaries lie. They want to take things apart to see how they work. Their personalities begin to shine through even more – and often times in ways we never anticipated.

Enter the preschool years. They are rapidly becoming miniature versions of themselves and learning all kinds of things on a daily (if not hourly) basis. They begin learning what their preferences are for certain things and how to express said preferences. They begin to mimic the behaviors of those around them – their peers, teachers at school, family members, pets (my son went through a phase where he wanted to eat all of his food like a dog), TV shows, the radio, etc. They have rapidly developing imaginations and creativity takes over in every aspect of their life; from coloring on siblings to building things with blocks.

I have learned so much about my son over the past four years. Out of everything I have learned though, the most valuable lesson has been that just when I think I’ve got him figured out, he goes and grows up and changes a little more on me again.

What a ride the past four years have been! A wonderful, crazy, up and downhill adventure.

Exactly four years ago, to the hour, I was lying in my bed and timing contractions. Little did I know, it would be manyyyyy long hours before I met my little man. It was certainly a day I will never ever forget. My whole life began the moment they handed him to me. That first hour of parenthood is one that I will never forget. From tears of shock and joy to silence and pure awe.

The first picture ever taken of him – just after he was born.

Happy (almost) birthday baby boy.

Mommy loves you more than you could ever possibly imagine.

Thank you so much for being the wonderful and amazing little boy you are!


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